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4 Hardwood Flooring Myths

Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring Service – RLW Custom Floors

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Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring Service

Do you have lovely floors in your home but are unable to enjoy them because of wood flooring myths? Wood floors are a timeless addition to any area since they are useful, long-lasting, and perfect for almost any space.

Contrary to popular belief, hardwood flooring are really more durable and adaptable to a variety of lifestyles. Have you been making up these stories about your flooring in your head?

1. Delicate Hardwood Floors

The assumption that hardwood floors are fragile and not the best choice for busy households is one of the longest-lasting flooring myths. In fact, older homes with hundreds of years of history still have their original hardwood flooring. With some maintenance, hardwood lasts for a very long time.

2. Only a few rooms in the house have hardwood floors

The idea that hardwood flooring should only be used in living rooms and not in kitchens or high-traffic areas like corridors is another common misconception. Heavy foot activity and wear and tear are not a problem for hardwood flooring. To prevent spills, you might want to put a rug or mat in front of the kitchen sink, but you probably would with any type of flooring.

3. Hardwood Floors Require Lots of TLC

You’re believing a fallacy about hardwood floors if you’re visualizing bottles of special cleaners and hand-scrubbing your hardwood floors. Cleaning hardwood floors is a breeze. Simply use a soft vacuum or a dry mop and a microfiber towel to clean. A moist cloth and mild soap typically do the trick for spot cleaning. Simply remember to dry the area after you’re finished.

4. Hardwood Flooring Is Not Flexible

From traditional to contemporary, hardwood flooring may be used for many different aesthetics. Various board widths, stains, paint colors, finishes, wood species, and textures are available. For even more visual intrigue, you can select hardwood flooring with herringbone patterns. One of the few flooring kinds you can totally transform is hardwood flooring. You may easily give your floors a new polish when you want a fresh look.

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The Advantages Hardwood Floors Have Over Carpet

Rochester Hills Hardwood Floors – RLW Custom Floors

If you are in need of top rated Rochester Hills Hardwood Floors, please contact RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 today to receive an estimate! Click here to see photos of our work or Follow Us on Facebook!

Rochester Hills Hardwood Floors

More than 50% of flooring sales are made up of carpet, but is it always the best option? How does carpet compare to hardwood flooring? There are many compelling reasons to choose hardwood flooring when compared to the other major flooring options. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring, click here.

Here are the main benefits of hardwood flooring over carpet for the time being.

Compared to carpet, hardwood flooring lasts longer

If properly maintained and cleaned, high-quality carpeting can last between 8 and 15 years. Engineered hardwood flooring can last up to 75 years while solid hardwood flooring may last 100 years. Carpeting must be replaced as it becomes worn. The majority of hardwood flooring may be refinished numerous times over the course of its lifetime, developing character and beauty in the process.

Additionally, the lifetime cost of a hardwood floor is cheaper than the total cost of replacing and caring for carpeting over the same time period.

Carpet is more difficult to maintain than hardwood flooring

You only need a damp mop and a hardwood floor cleaning kit to maintain clean, dust- and dirt-free hardwood floors that are free of pet hair and other debris.

On the other hand, carpeting needs regular vacuuming and sporadic hot water extraction cleaning. Compared to hardwood floors, maintaining carpet requires more work and is more expensive.

No matter how thoroughly you maintain it, carpet will never again look as nice as it does on the day it is placed. For many years, hardwood flooring can keep looking “like new.” It can be refinished numerous times to maintain its “like new” appearance.

For people with allergies, hardwood floors are preferable

You may simply get rid of the dust, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergies from your hardwood floors by damp-mopping them frequently. These allergens can be inhaled if you sit down or lie on the floor since carpet traps them. Every time you turn on the vacuum, they can be blasted into the room if it doesn’t have a good HEPA filter.

Check out our evaluation of hypoallergenic carpets to learn more about how carpet manufacturers are attempting to raise the health ratings of their goods.

IAQ Benefits of Hardwood Floors Over Carpet

IAQ, or indoor air quality, is the term. When carpet is unrolled and installed, various dangerous chemicals that were used in its manufacture are released. We refer to this emission as off-gassing. The first week is the toughest, but it can last for years. Hardwood flooring carries no equivalent risk.

Carpeting Is More Polluting Than Hardwood Floors

Because they are constructed of natural, renewable materials, hardwoods are a more environmentally responsible option for flooring. All vinyl carpet is artificial. Recycled hardwood flooring is one option. Most carpeting is disposed away in the garbage stream. It is not surprising that carpet makes up 2% of landfill garbage.

These benefits of hardwood flooring over carpeting can help you decide if you’re comparing it to other flooring options.

For experienced and trusted Rochester Hills Hardwood Floors, call RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 to receive a quote!

Hardwood Floors Increase Home Resale Value

Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring – RLW Custom Floors

If you are in need of top rated Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring, contact RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 to get an estimate. Click here to see photos of our work or Follow Us on Facebook!

Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring in your home has two key benefits: immediate value and long-term value. Future value is concerned with house market value if/when you decide to sell your property, whereas current value is concerned with personal comfort and appeal. The two go together. Does adding hardwood flooring boost the future value of your home?

One common sort of flooring is hardwood flooring. Why? It is opulent, durable, and comparatively simple to maintain. Who among prospective homeowners wouldn’t prefer flooring with those features? Work that won’t need to be done is a key selling factor for potential purchasers. Every customer will have preferences, and each customer will desire particular modifications to accommodate those tastes. But if your house has already undergone some of those modifications, purchasers will be lining up to acquire it.

Most buyers of homes find hardwood flooring to be appealing. How many contemporary homes have you seen where hardwood flooring isn’t present? Probably not very many, if any. Even if a buyer does not prefer hardwood flooring, he or she will likely decide to preserve it because of its natural attractiveness and because they do not want to deal with the trouble of paying for and having new flooring done.

The value of your home will unquestionably rise if you install hardwood flooring. The precise sum is unclear because it depends on the other aspects of your home and its market value. But when it comes to raising the value of your property, hardwood floors should outperform just about every other flooring option, unless you’re replacing marble flooring with them (which is quite uncommon).

Other typical flooring options include imitation hardwood, carpet, and tile. None of these, however, will raise a house’s market value. Some may have no impact at all, but none will make it worse. In fact, laminate or carpeting may potentially lower the value of your home if you decide to sell it. When a new homeowner moves in, the carpet is typically cleaned, but some carpet is in such horrible condition that it will never fully be cleaned.

Unlike the majority of other flooring kinds, hardwood flooring also provides flexibility. Multiple refinishings of hardwood floors are possible before they need to be replaced. Your hardwood flooring may endure more than a century if you can maintain it properly by keeping it dry and avoiding scratches. The important thing is that customers will be aware of how sustainable hardwood flooring is. They will be aware that a scratch on a hardwood floor does not render it unusable. They will also be aware of the floor’s value in terms of longevity and durability.

Wood flooring provides:

  • Improved appearance
  • Simple to maintain
  • Refinishing
  • Durability
  • Lengthy life

In the end, hardwood floors are a flooring type that buyers will always be drawn to. Hardwood flooring has so many advantages that potential buyers will overlook a higher asking price. Thanks to hardwood flooring, your home will be worth more.

For experienced and trusted Rochester Hills Hardwood Flooring, call RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 today!

Why You Should Hire Professionals to Install Your Hardwood Floors

Rochester Hills Hardwood Floor Installers – RLW Custom Floors

If you are looking for top rated Rochester Hills Hardwood Floor Installers, please call the experts at RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 for a free consultation. Click here to see photos of our work or Follow Us on Facebook!

Rochester Hills Hardwood Floor Installers

Now that you’ve chosen your new hardwood flooring, it’s time to get it put. Does the installation get done by you? Or do you employ a specialist to install it? The correct response to that query is that you ought to let a pro manage the installation of your hardwood floors. Why, you inquire? Here are a few justifications for why using expert flooring services is the best course of action.

The suitable tools

Professional flooring companies have the necessary tools to lay hardwood floors correctly. If you take on the task yourself, you will have to go out and buy the tools you will probably never use again. Professionals not only supply the equipment, but also have the training and expertise to use it. Avoid the headache by letting experts handle the installation and supply the necessary tools.

Save some time for yourself

Without any prior experience, if you attempt to install your hardwood floors yourself, you risk taking far longer than is necessary to complete the task. Making the installation without any prior experience also increases the risk of errors such as incorrect measurements, insufficient supplies, improper plank installation, etc. You can save time and money by using professional flooring services to complete the installation more quickly and with few to no errors.

High-quality materials and work

A professional will assist you in choosing the highest-quality material in addition to installing your new hardwood floor. Your floors will look and feel better this way. Your floors may fade and warp more quickly than you’d like if you don’t know what to look for in hardwood materials and end up purchasing truly low-quality flooring without recognizing it. Use a professional’s knowledge and experience to your advantage and ask them to assist you in finding the best flooring for your house.

For experienced and trusted Rochester Hills Hardwood Floor Installers, contact RLW Custom Floors at (248) 909-9310 today!

Hardwood Floor Installation – Hardwood Floor Refinishing Rochester Hills MI

Hardwood Floor Installation – Hardwood Floor Refinishing Rochester Hills Michigan by RLW Custom Floors in Rochester Hills.   

Harwood Floors Rochester Hills MI

Serving Rochester Hills, Rochester MI, Oakland Twp. MI, Troy MI, Lake Orion MI, Shelby Township, and surrounding Oakland and Macomb County communities. 

In the last three and a half decades, RLW Custom Floors in Rochester Hills has established quite a positive reputation. Quality, trust, and personalized customer service. We started with these values and have carried them with us today.  We’re dedicated to providing fantastic hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing choices to people. We feature a large selection of high-quality hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring. We’re proud to be considered the flooring experts in Michigan. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE: (248) 909-9310

Low Prices Guaranteed on Residential Hardwood Floor Installation.
For over 35+ years, RLW Custom Floors in Rochester Hills has specialized in residential flooring sales, installation, and repairs, including sanding and refinishing services.

Have you always wanted beautiful wood floors? Hardwood floors are prized for their look and durability. We offer both solid and engineered wood flooring from several quality manufacturers. If you’d prefer the look of wood floors with less maintenance, we have laminate flooring options available in amazingly realistic textures.

Why Choose RLW Custom Floors?

  • Value: Affordable services using the best finishing products on the market, that will add value to your home
  • Honesty: All quotes are done by owner open & honestly
  • Attention to detail: We want you to be happy with your finished floors. Owner will be there from start to finish to inspect quality, and ensure project is on time
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Armstrong certified floor installer
  • Bona certified floor refinisher

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